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You are only a few steps away from
becoming a blockchain developer,
are we going together?

Node.js x

This path is dedicated to developing your existing skills as a node.js developer towards blockchain technology. We know that this is an excellent base that can be quickly developed.

Unity vs

As a studio creating games and digital products in web3, we share our knowledge of developing future-proof digital products using Unity.

From C/C++
to rust

We are committed to the Solana blockchain ecosystem, and we know what to do to create solutions for one of the fastest-growing technologies. Interested?

in solidity

The Ethereum ecosystem is currently the most significant space to operate in the area of smart-contracts, the DeFi sector, second-layer solutions, and others.

From the

If you do not have specific directions that you want to follow, but you know that blockchain is what you want to do as a developer - join our community and choose the right path.

Code or
no code

Or maybe you want to develop your skills at web3 as a project manager, community manager, marketing specialist, and more. This is the right place!

Ready to start?

Let’s contact Kamil and start building
your new skill base