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From Hyper Casual+ mobile
games to the entertainment

We created and continued to develop -
a new segment of mobile games, called
icg: influencer-centric games

Watch the gameplay

Pallaside Dungeon

You are standing in front of the entrance to a huge, old, massive crypt, shrouded
in shadow, full of terrifying sculptures. Next to you – your favorite Creator.
You look at yourself, know exactly what is about to happen.

Confident footsteps towards the shadows, the spine-chilling howl of
monsters, but you’re ready to catch them all!

Pallaside award


Pallaside award

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In first 5 days!



This is a casual+ mobile game, where players can take
on the role of a FAME fighter, and stand in the ring against
the powerful fame mma owners!

The victory is in your hands because the success of the game
depends directly on you. Therefore, you need to be quick
and accurate to achieve your victory, fame and glory!

Available at the beginning of May:


FAME Token

Want more? Comming soon

We are working on the economies of virtual worlds, allowing us to implement play-to-earn, play-to-fame models, and unique personalization in games and digital products